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 We are an all-age mobile home park in a convenient Bradenton location!

Peaceful and well maintained, a nice community of home-owners

Office Hours



Monday - Friday

9 AM - 4 PM

Rental Rates


Lot Rent

$450.00 - Per month

Water, Sewer, Garbage

Plus water usage  - Per month

Recreation Hall



Our Recreation Hall is located next to our office. Book it for your next event!


$200.00 - Deposit

$350.00 - Rent (6hrs)

Pool Season 



Open: April - December

7 days a week 9 AM - 7 PM 



Our pool is filtered everyday, chemically balanced, and professionally cleaned every week.

Bad Weather Procedures


If Lighting is within 5 miles of the pool area, the pool will be closed until the bad weather has left the area. Our residence safety is our number one priority.

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